Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Down's Syndrome Awareness Month Day 9

Hayley from Downs Side Up has written an article for Special Needs Jungle. It's a great read and helps dispel some myths surrounding Down's Syndrome. 

Comments from others are generally well meaning but having been on the receiving end of some of them, they can actually do a lot of damage. 

I remember being in Boots with Ella when she was about 5 months old as she still had her NG tube (which was always a conversation starter). I got talking to a woman behind me in the queue and when I told her Ella had Down's Syndrome she said 'didn't you know you can test for that?' - her throw away comment implying that Ella shouldn't have been born. I don't remember my reply but the fact that a total stranger could not only think that, but say it to me upset me for a long time afterwards.

On the whole, we've been lucky and not had many negative comments so far. Most people treat Ella just as they do any other toddler, she's sociable, interested in the world around her and engages easily with others - I think people simply take their lead from her xx

Natty xx

Special Needs Jungle

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Down's Syndrome Awareness Month, Day 8

A great video made by Verrado High School in response to Katy Perry's challenge - Which high school has the best 'ROAR'?... It made me smile :-)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Similar sisters xx

Down's syndrome awareness month, day 4... #DSAM2013

One of the worries I had when we were told that Ella had Down's syndrome was that she wouldn't look like us...

Although every person with Down's syndrome share certain features or characteristics with one another, they do not all look the same.

They closely resemble their mother, father or siblings just like anybody else. Since her birth I have been reminded many times how much she looks like her daddy (I'm pretty sure I played a part somewhere!).

There are now some similarities beginning to show themselves between Ella and Lucy. Sisters. Here they are at a similar age (about 6 weeks)...

Cheeky (pig) Monkey!

It seems we have a cheeky monkey on our hands...

On collecting Ella from nursery on Thursday, I was met with 'She's been a right cheeky monkey today!'. 'Uh-Oh' I thought! 

She had been looking at a picture of a dog with Lucy, her key worker. Lucy had asked Ella 'What is it?' knowing full well Ella can recognise a dog, do the sign and say the word.

'Pig!' Ella exclaimed (and signed) followed by putting her hand over her mouth and laughing mischievously. Even when one of the other children came over and signed 'Dog' to Ella she continued to say and sign 'pig', laughing all the while.

This little story from Ella's day made me smile for a couple of reasons. Not only is she beginning to show us all her cheeky sense of humour, I was also touched that the other children have been learning makaton and that they are able to communicate with Ella and therefore include her.

We were treated to Ella's new 'trick' this morning in her Speech Therapy session. She chose a rabbit and when asked what it was... you guessed it...

'Pig!' hahahaha.

Here is a picture of our little cheeky monkey xx

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Down's syndrome Awareness Month, day 5

Just in time to sneak today's in!... Phew...

Tonight I went to see one of my favourite musicals, 'Wicked'. Great performance, music and lyrics. Sat watching the show I began to notice the underlying themes... Difference, acceptance, inclusion...

These themes, for me, culminate in the infamous song 'Defying Gravity' (which you probably know if you've seen the musical or not!).

One line gets me every time I hear it and always makes me think of Ella xx

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Down's Syndrome Awareness Month, Day 3

Heath White tells the story of his family. How his view of 'perfection' was challenged after the arrival of his daughter Paisley. 

One fathers journey.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Down's Syndrome Awareness Month, Day 1

Keep calm... It's only Downs Syndrome awareness month! Happy October everyone, I'll try and share a picture, link, story or blog post each day this month.

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