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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Now you are six

A letter for Ella...

To Ella, our wonderful girl, today you are 6!

Six years since I missed my own baby shower because you decided to show up three weeks early. Six years since our journey into the unexpected started. Six years of being a mummy - your mummy.

A lot has happened in the six years you've been here and it's hard to remember what life was like before you.  We've certainly been on a roller coaster ride but you've managed to keep our hands skimming the clouds for most of our time together. 

This past year, you've changed and grown so much.  You're settled and happy at school, you love your teacher and being with your friends.  Your understanding of the world has developed and you are now able to tell me so much about what you want, what you like and don't like, what you've done at school.  The improvement in your speech has also enhanced your cheeky side and your sense of humour is really beginning to flourish. This week you've mainly been telling me that you're excited for your birthday and your party (I am too!), the first year you've been able to tell me so.

A few weeks ago you reduced me to tears in the bustling playground as I sent you off into school with my usual kiss and 'Love you'.  You turned back to me and for the first time ever, said 'love you mummy' - still enjoying firsts 6 years into our adventures together.

You love your little sister, Lucy.  I love watching your relationship grow and feel pride (and some trepidation for your teenage years!) at the independent, determined and confident little girls I am lucky enough to call mine.  

Over the last year, you've lost four teeth, grown about a foot taller and over the summer you mastered a major milestone and became dry day and night - no more pull-ups!  Big changes that signify how you're growing up way too quickly.

Out of school, you've started Rainbows (who have promoted your inclusion and independence) as well as cooking class (learning listening and life skills) and swimming lessons (still some way to go but you love being in the water and you try very hard).  You still love bouncing on your trampoline, anything involving a glue stick or a felt tip and your pictures and writing have come on so much.  

So Ella, my giggly girl with the ever so squidgy cheeks, who gives the best hugs

You continue to open my eyes, my mind, my world and my heart

Happy Birthday!  
Have amazing fun being six

Love Mummy 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Learning and Growing

That's it! Reception year is finished...

School is finally out for summer...  

Wow, that year went fast. The once pristine book bag is now looking well used, the hem on her dresses are much shorter and I've been praying for a while now that the velcro on her scuffed and tattered shoes would make it to the end of term (it has...just).  

The summer holidays seem to have been a long time coming and this past week I've seen so many children and families already enjoying their time off.  As we had a two week May half term break, we have finished later for summer and get a 5 week break instead of 6.  I am sure the weeks will fly by (they will once I've planned lots of things to fill the days with them!).

The children have had a more relaxed last week at school and yesterday, their penultimate day as the youngest year group in the school, they had a party day.  They were allowed to wear their own party clothes, played party games and the day ended with all the parents coming in to see the children presented with their end of year certificates.  

We arrived to find the children all sat outside in the sun playing pass the parcel.  After their game had finished we all piled into one of the classrooms for the certificates.  It was very packed - they apparently haven't had so many parents attend before - some of us got the pleasure of sitting on the tiny plastic chairs and for others it was standing room only.  

As each child's name was read out, they were asked to stand as their certificate was awarded to them.  There were awards for being a special friend, for helping in the classroom, being happy, making their friends laugh, for improving the most during the year and for working the hardest.  A lovely way of acknowledging each child's non-academic attributes (not every child excels academically) and their uniqueness.  There was a lovely atmosphere in the room (and lots of proud tears from mums and dads) as each child was individually celebrated and their special contribution during the year recognised.  I did wonder what Ella would be awarded and when it came to it my hunch was correct...

She was given a certificate for her lovely artwork and drawings - very appropriate as that is her most favourite thing to do and is something she has definitely improved in over the course of the year.  A lovely end of year gift from the teachers to each child - something for them to be proud of and take with them into year 1.

And with the end of term, comes the giving of gifts from the class to the class teacher or, in our case, teachers.  

When there is more than one teacher to buy for (job share, long term supply, classroom assistant) or your child has had support from a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Learning Support Assistant (LSA) then it can very easily become a costly business.  

I started pondering this a while ago and trying to find a way to give meaningful and useful tokens of thanks without it becoming too expensive. For Ella, there were presents to buy for her class teacher - Mrs G, classroom assistant Mrs A, two TA's Mrs S & Miss P and Mrs L the SEN teacher. Six presents in total.  Even with a budget of £5-£10 per present that would mean spending between £30-£60.

I was also aware that Ella is only one child of 30 in the class.  I knew from consulting a good friend and reception teacher that firstly no teacher expects anything and after that, there is only so many personalised mugs/keyrings they can find use for.  Her favourite gifts over the years have been 'as dull as it sounds' (her words!) wine, plant/flowers or book/coffee shop tokens. All good starting points. 

Thankfully one of the mums in each reception class started a collection for each class teacher so I gave some money to that for Mrs G.  The collection has managed to provide a present for her, her classroom assistant plus a little gift for the TA's.  

Mrs L is a Special Educational Needs Teacher who works with the reception teachers and provides support to the 7 children in the year who have additional needs.  I thought a collection for her too would be well received and managed to collect a good amount from some of the other 6 parents.  

I liked my friends idea of a plant/flowers as a gift and the associated theme of helping the children to grow over the year. I also wanted something homemade that we could personalise and the children could add their own mark to.  After a quick search online, I found enough ideas to turn the theme into a present, which consists of:

  • A terracotta plant pot (the size I used cost me £1.50)
  • Blackboard paint (already had)
  • pack of white chalk (already had)
  • Packet of seeds £2.20
  • online printables - free - see here
  • chocolates £3
  • special teacher hanging ornament £4
  • £25 gift voucher
  • card and bag £3.50
Total: £36.20 

And this was the finished product...


Following on with the plant/flower theme, I gave each child a printed flower template to colour in/write their name on/personalise and make their own for the card (unfortunately I sealed the card before I thought to take a picture but will hopefully be able to add a picture in soon).

I also wanted to get a little something just from Ella for the 2 TA's who have worked so closely with her over the course of the year.  I loved how well the plant pot had come out that I went and got 2 more and added in the seeds, chalk and bags of chocolate.  Ella has written her name on the note for them.  Theirs worked out at £4.70 per present.  Can't argue with that. Hopefully they will like them and find them useful and meaningful gifts.

We will be back, before we know it, for another year of learning and growing in September...

                        September 2015

                             July 2016

School Is Out!!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The year that was - 2015

I always enjoy writing these end of year posts on the blog.  What we've done, where we've been, who we've met and what we have learnt. It's always lovely to be able to look back and see where the year has taken us.  For me, 2015 has not been easy - from keeping things going as a solo parent while Ian was working away to making some difficult decisions about how best to make the work/life balance work for our family as we move into 2016.  There have been some good times too, weekends away with Ian and with friends and a trip to Wales with old school pals and our growing brood of offspring!

Ian finished his year working away in August and is now back working locally.  We all love having him home and seeing more of him even though I know he misses the air ambulance (don't feel too sorry for him though, he's managing to fit in some regular locum shifts to keep his hand in!).   

Ella has grown a lot in many areas this year - most noticeably going from being a pre-schooler to starting in reception at our local primary school, but more of that later.  She still makes me beam with pride everyday and has developed a real cheeky streak this year.

Lucy has also changed massively from tiddly toddler at the beginning of the year and has become a very articulate and confident little girl who all of us dote on.  


In February, we celebrated heart awareness week again by wearing red and donating to the British Heart Foundation. 

March - we yet again donned our odd socks for DS awareness day on the 21st and once again thank everyone who also took part and donated their lovely pennies!



I attended the Blog-on conference in Manchester. Lovely to have such an awesome blogging event on the doorstep as so many of them are further afield. There was lots to learn and get involved with whether you're a blogging pro or a mere beginner/novice like me. I've already signed up to go this year (won my entry ticket in last years raffle!). 

We quietly celebrated Ella's 4th heart-day with a heart shaped cake (and a little candle) and lots of thankfulness, while thinking of those little ones who are going through their surgery or have it yet to come.  

This year we celebrated whilst eagerly awaiting news from my brother that a new little person had finally arrived. The little man who made me an aunt and gave the girls the new title of cousin (!) arrived later that evening.  A day of multiple celebrations from now on!...  


At Ella's eye exam it was decided she did need glasses (always a given due to the fact Ian and I both wear them, it was just a case of when). Getting them before the summer meant we had a good couple of months to get her used to them before she started school where it would be most important that she was able to see everything in order to learn and to enhance her fine and gross motor skills too. She wasn't sure about them at first and would take them off a lot but with persistence and the fact that they do help her see better she was soon wearing them for long stretches before she started at school. She still regards them very much as a part of her school uniform and they soon get taken off when she gets home at the end of the day! 


We went on a special trip to see The Take of Mr Tumble which was on as part of the Manchester International Festival. We finally got to meet Florence and her mum Rachel (you can read all about it here). A special day for us all.


Ella and I had some lovely day trips together during August while she was on summer holidays and Lucy was at nursery. It was lovely to spend some quality time with her and be able to give her my full attention. We went to the Museum of Transport, Crosby Beach, the Lowry, soft play and spent lots of time in the garden.


I know you already know this but Ella started school! A long time in the planning and there were lots of things to consider but 3 months on, I am sure she is in the right place. She is happy and that was all I wanted for her. Her speech has come on so much and her love of drawing and being creative has been nurtured. She has talked a lot about school and her friends over the Christmas break, (Lois, Grace and Chloe got mentioned a lot!). 


We celebrated as a family at a lovely house in the Cotswolds for Granny Sarah's milestone birthday. Ella and Lucy absolutely love their baby cousin as you can see from the above photo! 

Ella really loves animals. We have two cats who she loves to pick up and hug (not sure they feel the same way!). She also loves meeting dogs when we go for walks or to the park and enjoys days at the local farm feeding the animals there. We went to the Viking festival in Stockport and Ella got the chance to hold an Owl called 'Fally'. Ella was very patient, still and quiet and followed the instructions she was given by the handler beautifully. She was very proud of herself as the picture shows.


5! How did she become 5??? She had a great birthday, soft play party at the weekend with her friends and then a family tea on the day itself. And just like last year she loved being the centre of attention, especially where singing, cake and candles were involved! 

A big month for me personally in that I swapped my nursing career for being a full time mum to Ella and Lucy. It was a difficult decision to make for lots of reasons but was definitely the right thing to do. We don't know how long my career break will be, but I am able to pick up bank shifts as needed to continue my professional registration and keep up my skills. It's been a real change in pace, choosing when to work and being able to work around Ian's rota instead of clashing or working complete opposites as we were before. So for us, 2016 = more family time, although less work doesn't seem to mean we are less busy! Everything just seems that little bit easier when there is one less ball to juggle.

This year we got the first visit from 'the kindness elves. The elves replaced an advent calendar in our house although they didn't visit everyday (need more time!). The kindness elves are a lovely and meaningful alternative to the elf on the shelf idea, started by Anna of the 'imagination tree' blog. The idea is that the elves will teach and reward kindness and make us think of others during the festive period. The elves did lots of fun activities with the girls - from making bird feeders to give as presents (and to feed the birds while it's cold), messy play, donating food to the foodbank and general festive fun. All with the idea of reminding the girls to be kind and ways they might be able to do this. It's an idea that can be adapted and can grow with them each year. Lucy already keeps asking when the elves will be back so I can see them becoming a part of their childhood Christmases. 

Here's to 2016 - more time for family, for fun, for blogging and maybe even more time for me...

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Proud moments - {March 2015}

There's a lovely little thing that happens every month in the 'Future of Downs' Facebook group. 

We celebrate our children's milestones and share what's made us proud. We do this on the 21st to represent the three copies of chromosome 21 present in Down's syndrome.And there's no such thing as an achievement too small. 
There's a whole lot of love and pride bursting from the members every month - and quite rightly! 
Proud moments happen everyday.  I'll be sharing ours on the 21st of each month. 

This week marks the yearly Down's Syndrome Awareness week and today 21/3 is DS Awareness Day across the globe.  And this year the support has been amazing.  From friends and family, our local community, nationally and internationally the bar has been raised and the goal to raise awareness and celebrate this wonderful global community has been surpassed.  From nation to nation, some of the best known landmarks have embraced the day, illuminating in the colours chosen to represent Downs Syndrome - blue and yellow.  It's an impressive list that includes The Empire State Building, CN Tower Canada, Millenium Bridge Gateshead and Blackpool Tower.  Maybe next year, the list will be longer!...

Empire State Building, NYC

I wanted to lend my support to awareness week this year, but wasn't sure how.  Then a little incident in the supermarket got me thinking and I wanted to show that people with Down's Syndrome - or any disability - are a person first.  They have likes, dislikes, strengths, character, personality, feelings and they make a positive contribution to their local communities and to society as a whole.  Person first language is very important and I desperately want people to see Ella as a little girl, a sister, daughter, friend, mischief-maker, bookworm, the list is endless - she is a million and one things before she is a child with a disability.  A diagnosis, whatever that may be does not define who someone is or what they are able to do.  

My way of lending support was to share a little of who Ella is.  In the days leading up to March 21st I shared a photo a day on the blogs facebook page. 

This is where it started...   
'So this happened last week...
In the supermarket, 
Ella and Lucy in the trolley.
A hand on my arm
Head tilted
'They're so happy and loving aren't they?'
Then she was gone.
The lady was very well meaning, I get that, but she saw Ella and immediately put her in a box. She made assumptions based on her experience and understanding and it made me sad. Sad that she never asked Ella's name and that she referred to her as 'they'.
I firstly wanted to invite her round at bedtime/teatime/anytime things aren't going Ella's way - because like every other child she has a whole range of emotions that she cycles through on a daily basis. She is not just stuck permanently on 'happy'.
Down's syndrome is and always will be a big part of who Ella is. But I have always been determined that Down's syndrome will not define who she is.
She is a million and one things before she is a child with Down's syndrome and I will share some of them with you'...
Ella loves being helpful (most of the time!). Tidying her toys, telling me which clothes belong to who when folding the washing, bringing me wipes and nappies when Lucy's nappy needs changing and I recently found she can turn our tumble dryer on too (not so helpful when it's empty but she was still very proud of herself!). Here she is helping water the plants in granny's garden xx ‪#‎downsyndrome‬ ‪#‎WDSD15‬ ‪#‎adifferentview‬‪#‎TeamT21‬

Ella loves to explore new places. She especially enjoys being outdoors - here she is searching for a Gruffalo...

Just before Lucy was born, I wrote a letter to Ella which included these lines:
"...the challenge of being a big sister is one I know you'll take completely in your stride. And you have so many wonderful qualities to share...
Your fierce determined & independent streak, caring nature and eager desire to learn - all balanced nicely by your contagious sense of fun and a generous sprinkling of eye twinkles and cheekiness.
A girl couldn't ask for a better role model..."
Ella. A sister and a role model. Lucy is most certainly learning from her big sisters determined/stubborn ways and her cheekiness!
To read the full letter, visit:

We've read books to Ella since she was about 4 months old. We still do a book every night before bed and it's still one of my favourite times of the day. Her favourites at the moment include 'Wendy the wide mouthed frog', The Tale of Peter Rabbit, a find the item picture book or her book about nature and the seasons. All children learn so much from books and reading is something I've always enjoyed from being a small child. It's lovely to share stories and books, both new and old with both my girls. Even better that they enjoy them and will quietly entertain themselves with a story (now and again!).
‪#‎WDSD15‬ ‪#‎downssyndrome‬ ‪#‎adifferentview‬ ‪#‎TeamT21‬

People who have Down's syndrome are visual learners. That is why Makaton sign language is so effective - it provides a visual component for learning words, language and communication. It's also true that Ella learns by doing (as do I) and she loves activities such as play dough, baking, sticking, cutting and drawing. For Ella, drawing is a particular favourite - so much so that I need a bag to take home all her creations at the end of her day at nursery!
‪#‎WDSD15‬ ‪#‎adifferentview‬ ‪#‎downsyndrome‬ ‪#‎TeamT21‬

At a visit to a local farm a few weeks ago they had a man visiting with his big snakes, reptiles and spiders. In a room full of adults and children older than her who all refused to have a go, Ella held the tarantula twice, saying 'spider, tickly'. Big thanks to my brother whose holding her - he hates spiders! ‪#‎WDSD15‬ ‪#‎adifferentview‬ ‪#‎TeamT21‬

3 days to go! Hope you've got your odd/silly/lots of socks ready...
Here's our little miss independent...

Almost half of all baby's born with Down's Syndrome have an associated heart defect.
Ella was born with a large ventricular septal defect (VSD) and also had a hole after her fetal circulation didn't close properly after birth called a Patent Ductus Arteriosus.
Both her holes were successfully closed when she was 5 months old at Alder Hey. She remains under the cardiology team at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and is now having check ups every 18 months.
Handing her over for surgery was the hardest thing we've had to do as parents. She was in hospital for 8 days in total and was discharged just 6 days post surgery. We had a lot of feeding problems before her op and although these weren't magically fixed overnight, we saw an immediate difference in her alertness, her energy levels and her development after her surgery.
                                                     She was a true trouper and she's never looked back...

No introduction needed for today's picture. We are lucky to have two beautiful little ladies who make us laugh and smile everyday.

 Happy World Down's Syndrome Awareness Day 2015! 
Last year during DS awareness week, Ella was featured in the 'Lose the Label' campaign. Stressing the importance of person first language and seeing the person and personality behind a diagnosis, whatever that may be.
I am creative, independent, adventurous, a fighter, determined, bookworm, beautiful, feisty, a sister, daughter, friend, helper, love chocolate, hate having my hair brushed, love jumping, dancer, Mr Tumble addict, learner, funny, lovable, whirlwind.

Happy World Down's Syndrome Day!  I've once again loved the odd sock pictures that have been shared by friends, family and even strangers.  It's such a good feeling to belong to something special, there's a real sense of global community this year which I'm proud to be a part of today and everyday. Wherever you've turned on social media, someone somewhere is sharing, talking about, celebrating Down's Syndrome and wearing the obligatory odd socks, of course! 

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