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Just a few useful links:

Down's Syndrome Association - Charity supporting people with Down's Syndrome in the UK (and their friends and families).  Lots of information, training days, advice and support for new parents, resources and links to local DS support groups.

South Manchester Down's Syndrome Support Group - our local support group

Down's Heart Group (DHG) - UK charity offering information and support for Down's Syndrome related heart conditions

Makaton charity - website for the Makaton Charity

Future of Down's - A website and discussion forum run by parents of children with Down’s syndrome for anyone who needs us! Whether you already have a baby or child with Down’s syndrome, you are pregnant and want advice on screening and tests or have just received a positive diagnosis following an amnio or CVS, we are here for you! (Look out for pictures of Ella on the main webpage!). 
The Future of Down's website has lots of other DS related links so take a look there if you want/need to know more.

This next link is a lovely thread from babycenter (US) and I have spent hours reading it (you will need tissues!).  Throughout the thread they keep mentioning turning it into a book.  To my knowledge, they haven't yet but I really hope they do...
Babycenter post thread

Facebook Album - Ella's Story - album I put together once we were home from hospital when Ella was born to announce her arrival and let people know what had been happening....the picture captions explain everything

Excellent Down's Syndrome blogs:

The Future's Rosie - great blog about Ella's friend Rosie.  It's written by her daddy - not often that you get a blog from dad's perspective.  It's a lovely tribute from Tom to his little 'bud'.

Kelle Hampton - mum to Nella who has DS, wonderful writer and photographer.

Down side up - 'Gently changing perceptions of Down's Syndrome from within hearts.  An inspiring blog about life with T21.'

21+21+21 - 'I had a little baby. She has Down Syndrome. We're not sad and life isn't hard. There's a lot of love and that's the way it's going to stay. Come meet the babe.'

HelloBABY! - Nikki is a first time mum to Noah. She writes openly and honestly about her post-natal diagnosis and life with Noah.

Down wit dat - 'mother of three beautiful children: a boy and a set of boy-girl twins... one of which just happens to have an extra chromosome. These are our adventures.'

Max Lockwood - Max has Down's Syndrome and a blog!#

Csmithlondon2013 - Dad to Rosie & Eleanor (Ella) who has DS.  Blogging about his London Marathon training. Posts always includes a lovely 'Did you know' paragraph in which a different aspect of DS is explained.

Sunshine and the Berry - Mum Laura says 'Blogging about our family life, the difficulties we face, the fun we have, with my inspiring daughter and my baby boy who has down syndrome'

Orange Juice Flavour Sky - dad to 20 year old Emily who, for me, is the voice of experience.  Good to have an insight into a bright, fulfilling future such as Emily's.

A Perfect Lily -  mum to Lily who has DS (and her 9 brothers and sisters - soon to be 10!) speaks openly and expressively about life with a child with special needs.

Sweet Rosalie - Mum to Mary Beth & Roasalie.  Blogging to show the world that having a child with Down's Syndrome is 'pretty normal'.

Life is Full, Full of Surprises - Ollie and Cameron are identical twins, diagnosed with Down's Syndrome after they were born.  Follow there adventures on their blog.

Other links:

The Mothers Blog - Rebecca Lockwood is a photographer and a mum.  Her blog features different mums who she photographs with their children. Each mum gets to answer the same set of questions, all answered very differently....  Ella and I were featured on the blog back in October 2011 - read it here.

Airy Fairy Cake Boutique - the wonderful cake shop around the corner.  I feel that supporting independent local business is important.  All the more so in this case (or should I say 'cake'?) as chief Airyfairy Laura went to my old high school and is a friend of my brothers.

Cedar farm - Really lovely farm/craft shops/boutique/deli/farmers market in Lancashire.  A favourite place when we were growing up and somewhere we still love to go.  Farmers market is 1st saturday of each month - look out for vintage and craft fairs too! 

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