Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Proud Moments - June 2015

There's a lovely little thing that happens every month in the 'Future of Downs' Facebook group. 

We celebrate our children's milestones and share what's made us proud. We do this on the 21st to represent the three copies of chromosome 21 present in Down's syndrome.And there's no such thing as an achievement too small. 
There's a whole lot of love and pride bursting from the members every month - and quite rightly! 
Proud moments happen everyday.  I'll be sharing ours on the 21st of each month. 

Earlier this month, we found out that Ella needs glasses. We've known she would end up with them one day as both Ian and I wear them. At her last eye appointment the decision was made to start her wearing them now so we've got some time to get her used to them before she starts school in September.  The glasses she's been prescribed are bi-focals which are recommended for children with Down's syndrome. She will take time to adjust to them and may be a little more clumsy while she gets used to wearing them.

I'm glad we have time for her to adjust to them as she's not exactly keen! She's wearing them little and often for now and hands them back after a few minutes with an added 'don't like it'! Nursery have been great at getting her to wear them too.

She looks super grown up and cute in them though and we will keep on going with them. I am sure by the time she starts school she will be wearing them most of the time.

In other news, her speech continues to improve and she's suddenly got her head around using you, me, yours and mine correctly. And both girls and Ian made me very proud at our friends wedding this last weekend. Ian was one of the best men and looked super smart in his Father's Day present (new suit!). And I had several lovely compliments on both girls from other wedding guests which was lovely to hear.

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  1. Gruffalo's Child glasses! My 4 year old got those a couple of months ago, she loves hers. We constantly find her posing in mirrors! We found they were always sliding down her little nose but we found silicone grippers on amazon that solved the problem! Ella looks beautiful in hers, hope she gets used to wearing them!


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