Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Now I am 4!

Happy Birthday Ella!

For some reason, 4 seems so much bigger and older than 3 to me. I feel as though she's grown up so much, more than the passing of just one year... 

3 to 4... A reminder that Ella is no longer a toddler but a little girl.  And I've been subtly aware for a while now of all the little changes I've noticed in her that have been signalling this transition.  But now I can actually say she is 4, they all suddenly make sense... The growth spurt, starting pre-school, her growing confidence in the world around her, pushing boundaries and how grown up she looks - especially next to her little sister.  

I recently attended Ella's first review meeting at nursery.  A chance for me to meet with her teachers, educational psychologist, next years reception teacher and a representative from the childrens' disability service.  It's the start of her educational career and the putting in place of her 'Educational Health Care Plan' (the new process of putting in place a statement of needs for when she starts school).  There is a lot of emphasis about parental input in the new system and I was asked to tell all these new faces in the room who Ella was, what was important to her and what her needs are. I felt very responsible being her advocate and was glad of the support from the nursery staff and her teacher Bianca.

So Ella bean, this is what your teachers and I said - a reflection of you aged 3 and a great place to start now you are 4...

Sociable, happy and always busy

Creative - loves to draw, build things or get immersed in imaginative play

problem solver

You've a Big heart

And a smile to light up a room

Keen to learn - will always try hard

Love the outdoors - happiest bouncing on the trampoline or getting messy in the mud

Your caring side always evident, especially around your little sister who you love very much. 

Now you are 4 xx

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  1. Love this! She looks so grown up now, really happy, sunny pictures, what a smile :)


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