Friday, 21 November 2014

{Proud Moments} - November 2014

There's a lovely little thing that happens every month in the 'Future of Downs' Facebook group. 

We celebrate our children's milestones and share what's made us proud. We do this on the 21st to represent the three copies of chromosome 21 present in Down's syndrome.And there's no such thing as an achievement too small. 
There's a whole lot of love and pride bursting from the members every month - and quite rightly! 
Proud moments happen everyday.  I'll be sharing ours on the 21st of each month. 

This month, we've had a great report at our first parents evening, improvements in Ella's speech and great progress with her counting.  

We've had '1,2,3' for a while now and sometimes she would manage to count to 5 but not consistently - getting numbers in the wrong order or missing numbers out.  

Over the last few weeks she has been doing lots of counting, often to be found sitting with her abacus and nursery have reported she spends a lot of time in their number corner...  I know at this stage she is just learning a sequence, an order of words, she doesn't yet know what each number represents.  But it's a great start and she's getting better every day.  She can now manage one to ten - again, it's not consistent yet - and of course getting to ten takes longer than 5 which means more time for distractions!... 

Lucy is becoming a real little character. The cheekiest face and a devilish laugh.  We were really proud of her on bonfire night.  While Ella (who doesn't like loud noises) headed inside after staying out for a few pops and bangs, Lucy stuck it out although you could tell she wasn't at all sure. She looked on, very concerned and then after each firework came a little voice 'more, peese mummy', 'it's ok' and 'don't worry'... And she's learning to work a crowd already...

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