Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I Heart my girl

Just a quick post. 

Ella had her yearly cardiac review today. It soon comes around! I know I've said this before, but it's still the appointment I worry about the most and the one I lose sleep over. I doubt that will ever change. 

Ella was a star, she waited and played nicely in the waiting room and didn't get too stressed having the tests done (thanks to the handy distraction of a Mr Tumble DVD and mummy posting chocolate buttons in her mouth during said tests!). 

We had left Lucy at nursery so I just had Ella with me. It was lovely to be able to spend time with just her and also to give her my undivided attention - something she very rarely gets.

After an ECG, ECHO and a quick chat with the doctor I am pleased to report that all is fine and we don't need to go back until February 2016! 

Go Ella! Xx


  1. Hi, I have spent the last three days reading your blog from your first post to this latest one. My mum had said that she had started reading your blog and it is fantastic. Well I completely agree with her. Ella is absolutely beautiful. Your girls are gorgeous. It comes across so strongly the love your whole family have for each other. I have taken lots and lots of your tips and ideas. Hope Ella enjoys her new nursery. Elizabeth White xx

  2. Thank you Elizabeth, to you and your mum and for your kind comments. I'm really pleased you've found it useful and that you've enjoyed reading the blog. You'll be pleased to know that Ella absolutely loved her first day at nursery - no doubt there will be another post soon! Love Amy x

  3. Fabulous news! We're on 2 yearly reviews now, which is a huge relief!

  4. Wonderful news - and how gorgeous is your daughter? #TeamT21


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