Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Learning Journey

Last week we received confirmation of Ella's pre-school place...

Can't actually believe I've just typed that. Pre-school?! Where have the last 4 years gone?! 

I'm already an emotional wreck about it.  She will be leaving the wonderful nursery she's been at since she was 9 months old and moving to our local resourced nursery that we first heard about when she was only a few weeks old.  Charnwood is an amazing place and Ella's been attending one of their opportunity groups for the last 2 years.  She loves being there and it will all be very familiar to her when she starts.  It won't make leaving The Christie nursery any easier though.  She really has had the best start to her educational journey there and I know the same can be said for every child that walks through those big blue front doors.

We wouldn't be moving her unless we had good reason.  Her current nursery is in Manchester but we live in Stockport and that's where Ella will be going to school.  Charnwood is the right place for Ella to be for her pre-school year, they have experience of children with additional needs, can help with school selection and the transition into school when the time comes. 

And on the same day we received Ella's news about her learning journey, I got news about the next step on mine.... 


For me though, it has to be having children that has been my biggest learning journey.  You don't attend lectures, gain specific qualifications or a fancy certificate to file in your record of achievement. Being a parent is not something you can prove with a qualification, it becomes you and you become it. I've learnt more over the last three years being a parent than at any other time of my life - about myself, my relationships, family, friends, love, patience, frustration, guilt, happiness, pride....too many things to mention here.  It's the hardest but most amazing and rewarding experience.  

Thankfully, you get the best teacher there is. A teacher who lets you know just what you need to know, just when you need to know it...

Your child xx  


  1. Great post and so very true kids teach you so much and it's so rewarding even when you want to pull your hair out. #TeamT21


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