Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Living arrows 8/52 - in the picture

Since becoming a mum, I've taken hundreds (possibly thousands) of photos. Early days, baby firsts, special days, family, friends, funny moments, milestones. They are a lasting reminder of both our daughters time in this world. Looking through them the other evening, I began to realise something missing from the pictures I've taken and the memories I've captured. 

The pictures represent my memory of events, because I was the one behind the camera. In years to come, the girls could be forgiven for thinking I wasn't there at any of their achievements or celebrations! There are so few photos of me as a mum, so my mission from now on is to get in front of the camera with my girls more often....



  1. Beautiful pictures Amy. It's a great observation you make too, I find myself in very few pictures with the kids and shall endeavour to change this from now on :) x

    1. Thank you Tom, looking forward to some pics of you and your lovely children x

  2. So glad you're in the picture. Gorgeous pics #LivingArrows


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