Monday, 10 February 2014

Living arrows - 6/52

Loving watching Ella and Lucy's relationship develop. Ella at times can be bossy, reluctant to share, rough and there's a little jealousy creeping in now too. Lucy is beginning to assert herself when Ella removes her toys or is too rough with her - letting her sister know she doesn't like something by doing this cross little shout at her! 

For the most part, Lucy adores her big sister and Ella still loves cuddling and mothering Lucy. 

My girls xx


  1. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! What a fantastic relationship they're going to have :-)
    I look at your pics and feel the twitch inside of me as I watch my youngest two together, holding back, seeing what happens... not being too quick intervening; ready to pounce at any minute if it gets too much; loving that you didn't just jump in and disturb what turned into a lovely moment between them!

  2. Aaahh just beautiful. Love their little expressions x


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