Monday, 20 January 2014

Living arrows 3/52 - Moving Up

This last week, Ella has moved up to the over 3's group at nursery.  She left the baby room 18 months ago and has continued to flourish since then.  And suddenly, she's become a real little girl now, certainly knows her own mind and lets us know it! She continues to make me proud every day.

I am also really proud of the staff at the nursery and so grateful for the time and effort they have put in with Ella.  Ella's key worker, Lucy took on the challenge of learning Makaton so that she could communicate more effectively with her. Makaton signs and symbols can now be found all over the nursery and they've incorporated it into everyday activities, including play and singing time. Ella's favourite is the 'hello song' where they sing hello to each child in a morning. Ella knows all her friends names and the other children have all learnt to communicate with Makaton too, it's lovely to see them all using it with Ella when they interact with her. 

Lucy has subsequently become a Makaton trainer and run a successful Makaton course for other parents at the nursery.  So many good things have come out of having Ella in a mainstream setting - for her and also importantly, for those around her.  And she has always been very happy there, as this weeks picture (which has pride of place on the fridge) shows.

My Big Girl xx


  1. Oh this is such a sweet picture. She looks so very proud. Just adorable. #livingarrows

  2. Love this photo, a gorgeous smile hanging in pride of place.

  3. She is a sweet girl, I love her smile :) x

  4. Such a lovely picture, she looks so happy there.

  5. I love how you've taken a picture of a picture! :) She looks so happy! x

  6. Such a cute photo. She looks so happy x


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