Friday, 20 December 2013

The magic of Christmas

They say that having children re-kindles the magic and innocence of Christmas.  And this year, Ella's 4th Christmas, I have had my first glimpses of that 'magic' in action.

On Tuesday there was a special Christmas visitor to the opportunity group that Ella attends at our local resourced nursery.  

I wasn't sure how Ella would react to Father Christmas or if she would recognise who he was. As it is Christmas, we've had plenty of opportunity to point him out and she can say her version of 'Father Christmas' and do the sign too.  I had also let her watch the Mr Tumble Christmas Special that morning (complete with the man himself and his reindeer) to 'set the scene' for her.

At the end of each Tuesday session of play and craft activities, the children sit down in a circle with their parents for a singing session.  As I was busy giving Lucy her bottle, this week one of the nursery nurses sat with Ella which was lovely as I had a good view of her from across the room.  

I needn't have worried about her - as soon as he walked in I could see her do the sign for 'Father Christmas' (also accompanied by an excited pointed finger and 'oh look!'). He sat on a chair next to Ella and her face was a picture. Almost a bit start struck!...

She was the first of the children to receive her gift.  She then kept going back to him as he handed out everyone else's to say 'thank you' to him...

Something didn't quite add up for her though, something was missing - she kept going up to the exit gate, saying and signing 'reindeer' and pointing at the door.  I think she thought they were also there (maybe waiting outside with the sleigh!).  I felt a little sad that I knew they weren't, but it was lovely to see that she believed they were.   

She's definitely more aware of what's going on this year and has enjoyed the Christmas tree and its twinkly lights, singing jingle bells at any opportunity and all the parties she's been going to.  I've caught her more than once trying to unwrap the presents that are waiting under the tree and she cottoned on to mummies chocolate advent calendar far too quickly!

We're due to meet santa again at the Down's Syndrome group Christmas party later this week. I hope she's just as excited and in awe because it was truly magical...

Merry Christmas xx

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