Tuesday, 29 October 2013


We are lucky in that getting Ella to eat fruit and vegetables has never been an issue.  Not something I once thought I'd be saying after all her early feeding problems.

She's a little fruit bat who will choose blueberries or carrot sticks over cakes and biscuits any day. Her favourite fruit is bananas - she will eat one or two a day.  We always have a healthy banana pile on top of the fridge (and there's always a panic when we're running low!)...

So, tonight I was getting everything ready for Ella's tea - the fish fingers were in the oven, the potatoes boiling on the hob and the broccoli was sat on the work top waiting to be cooked. 

Or so I thought...

Our little veggie fiend had seen her prize, thieved the broccoli and was stood innocently munching it, wrapper still attached as Ian entered the kitchen.

She wouldn't be parted with it and wandered off into the living room crunching as she went...

We can only hope that Lucy is as easy to please with food as her sister.  She's had her first tastes and introduction to a spoon this past week.  I'll start baby led weaning once she's got the hand to mouth action sorted (it's so nearly there!).  She's definitely getting the hang of it now, can't wait to get her going properly...

I'll leave you with one last picture of our broccoli bandit...

What do you mean its only one of my 5-a-day?!

Happy Tuesday everyone xx


  1. This made me laugh so much! That's so cute, and great (?!) that Ella was munching on the broccoli! I wish Yu would do the same! :/ And both girls are looking big, especially Ella - definitely looking like a kid rather than a toddler! Hope all is well, Am xxx

  2. Thanks Amrick. It's amazing how quickly Ella's growing up. All is good with us, hope you're all ok too - love to you all xx

  3. Ha ha ha she's munched her way through loads of it too! Was lovely to see her again on Saturday.

    1. She'd not had as much as you think - we'd opened it the night before! She definitely had a good portion though!

  4. What a beautiful little girl! She's just too cute munching on that broccoli!

  5. that's just made my day! hilarious! bless her x x


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