Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Down's Syndrome Awareness Month Day 9

Hayley from Downs Side Up has written an article for Special Needs Jungle. It's a great read and helps dispel some myths surrounding Down's Syndrome. 

Comments from others are generally well meaning but having been on the receiving end of some of them, they can actually do a lot of damage. 

I remember being in Boots with Ella when she was about 5 months old as she still had her NG tube (which was always a conversation starter). I got talking to a woman behind me in the queue and when I told her Ella had Down's Syndrome she said 'didn't you know you can test for that?' - her throw away comment implying that Ella shouldn't have been born. I don't remember my reply but the fact that a total stranger could not only think that, but say it to me upset me for a long time afterwards.

On the whole, we've been lucky and not had many negative comments so far. Most people treat Ella just as they do any other toddler, she's sociable, interested in the world around her and engages easily with others - I think people simply take their lead from her xx

Natty xx

Special Needs Jungle

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