Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Down's syndrome awareness month, Day 15

Some say that social media is a bad thing. That we share too much of our lives and with too many people. Our connections and relationships with others there for all to see. Family, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. The word 'friend' completely redefined.

I am lucky to also know another side to social media. Support, love, experience, sharing, advice, compassion and hope. Our wonderful online Down's syndrome community. 

Tonight I crept in to kiss sleeping Ella goodnight, as I often do. I watched her a while. Peaceful. Cuddling her toy cat under her arm and her muslin between her fingers. Rosebud lips and those amazing almond eyes. Knowing tonight how incredibly lucky I am. Memories and emotions flooding back.

Tonight, there are two mummies wishing, hoping and praying that their little girl survives yet another heart surgery tomorrow. I don't know them but due to social media and our amazing community, I along with dozens of others have been able to give my support. I hope that, although they are only words they have given some comfort, strength and hope to them at this heart breaking time when they might otherwise have felt very alone. 

You're in all our thoughts Amelia xx

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