Monday, 7 October 2013

Cheeky (pig) Monkey!

It seems we have a cheeky monkey on our hands...

On collecting Ella from nursery on Thursday, I was met with 'She's been a right cheeky monkey today!'. 'Uh-Oh' I thought! 

She had been looking at a picture of a dog with Lucy, her key worker. Lucy had asked Ella 'What is it?' knowing full well Ella can recognise a dog, do the sign and say the word.

'Pig!' Ella exclaimed (and signed) followed by putting her hand over her mouth and laughing mischievously. Even when one of the other children came over and signed 'Dog' to Ella she continued to say and sign 'pig', laughing all the while.

This little story from Ella's day made me smile for a couple of reasons. Not only is she beginning to show us all her cheeky sense of humour, I was also touched that the other children have been learning makaton and that they are able to communicate with Ella and therefore include her.

We were treated to Ella's new 'trick' this morning in her Speech Therapy session. She chose a rabbit and when asked what it was... you guessed it...

'Pig!' hahahaha.

Here is a picture of our little cheeky monkey xx

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