Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Summer fun...

We've had a quiet few weeks.  No holidays planned this summer as the house continues to take up our time (and money!).  However, we do have several weddings to go to including my brothers in September.  Ella and Lucy have been asked to be the flower girls which is very exciting.  Their gorgeous dresses and shoes have been bought and I'll obviously tell you all about it after the event -we can't wait! 

Ella continues to be a loving and caring big sister. Lucy loves watching Ella and always has a smile for her.  In fact life is all too exciting for Lucy at the moment and daytime naps are scarce!...

Ella is really into dancing at the moment. We went to a wedding evening reception recently which had a band, DJ and big dance floor.  Ella stayed close to where we were sitting to begin with, just taking it all in.  As the evening went on, she slowly moved closer and closer to the dance floor and you could see she was really wanting to go and dance but the loud music and other people seemed to put her off.  Then 10 minutes before we had to leave she plucked up the courage to step onto the dance floor and do some dancing.  She loved it, especially chasing the disco lights around the floor.  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get any photos of her in action but I'll be poised with the camera ready next time! 

Her speech and signing still come on every week.  She is managing some two word sentences now - 'black cat', 'blue car' and we get 'oh-no cry' when Lucy is crying.  She is now being seen by the SALT assistant who is doing 6 fortnightly home visits.  We have several things to work on. Getting her to blow through her mouth - cue straws, tissue paper balls and bubbles! Encouraging the two words/signs together and building upon the speech sounds she already has.

I will leave you with some pictures of what she's been up to. Pom pom fun, garden play, football at Granny's (which she can now kick) and lots of pretend play with her tea set and picnic basket...  

Happy summer everyone xx


  1. Speech therapy home visits sound great, get to see the 'real' child. We had a private therapist last year and she recommended a really easy whistle to blow, Lauren has recently mastered it. They are just the bath water flutes (without the water in).

  2. Fab idea, I'm buying a whistle today now! I agree about home visits, they always do better in their own environment xx


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