Friday, 5 April 2013

A letter to My Big Girl...

I wrote this letter to Ella a few weeks ago and have been wondering when to put it 'out there'

There has recently been a dark cloud cast over all the good being done to raise awareness, promote equality and change public thinking towards people with disability. I have started to form a response several times, but can't seem to put down what I want to say or say what hasnt already been said by others. I have therefore left the approach of writing a post directly about this issue to other bloggers and writers who are much better at writing and getting a point across than I am. 

I did want to do something, be part of the great swarm of responses to Mr Brewers comments. And my way is to share this letter from me to my girl.

Dear Ella (The Bean/Sweetpea/Beanster/Beansprout/EllaBella)....

I feel very lucky I got to be your mummy.  I'll be the first in line to admit it's not always been easy but I'm glad you have always been there to light my way. 

Looking back, I needn't have worried about all the extra things I had to learn (or thought I had to learn) when you arrived. 
Over the last 2 years it's not been the doctors, therapists or books that have taught me all I need to know, but you (and I get the feeling that will always be the way it is!).  

From the day you were born, challenges were placed in your way but never once have you let them stop you.  
Unfortunately, there will always be challenges and obstacles you will have to face as life unfolds.  For the ones you can't conquer on your own, you will have me, Daddy and everybody else who loves you to help you.  Nothing is impossible.

You completely changed my pre-conceived ideas of what I thought being a mum is all about.  
Through you, I've been able to see the world from a whole new perspective 
- 'A Different View' - 
and that's a privilege that not many people get the chance to experience in their one lifetime.
This is not what I expected motherhood to be, nor is it the path I may have chosen if given a choice.

 However, from day one you've bettered my expectations and shown me that the best things are often those that happen by chance, not choice. 
I wouldn't change you or anything that's happened since all 7lb 4oz of you came into our lives that cold November evening in 2010.   

It's hard to explain to you that a big change is about to happen, that our time with only you is rapidly coming to an end.  
But the challenge of being a big sister is one I know you'll take completely in your stride.  And you have so many wonderful qualities to share with your baby sister...
Your fierce determined & independent streak, caring nature and eager desire to learn - all balanced nicely by your contagious sense of fun and a generous sprinkling of  eye twinkles and cheekiness.  
A girl couldn't ask for a better role model.

Thank you for everything you've taught me and for making me a better person and a stronger mummy.  

I can't wait to see you shine in your new role.  

Love you always


  1. This is wonderful!! Such a great idea! I will probably try this in the future to my Noah. You are a wonderful mum and good luck with baby number two! xx

  2. Thank you Nikki, need to catch up on your blog there's a few posts I haven't read yet. You're doing an amazing job, Noah is gorgeous. I am making it my mission to comment more on other people's blogs so will let you know when I've popped by xxx

  3. Simply beautful. Powerful words indeed, Thank you for linking them x

  4. Beautifully written and what a beautiful little (big) girl x


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