Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Keep calm and get your odd socks on!

The Down's Syndrome Association have produced a limited edition T-shirt which is nicely timed for this years World Down's Syndrome Awareness Day, to be held on March 21st. 

Having seen several hundred lovely pictures of people proudly wearing their T-shirts pop up in my news feed on Facebook and Twitter I decided to purchase one for Ella... 

The global theme chosen for this years Down's Syndrome day is 'lots of socks'....

And there are many different ways people are planning to raise money and awareness...wearing wacky socks, extra socks, silly socks, socks on the ears, socks on the hands - you get the idea.  

We have decided to ask people to wear odd socks and donate a few pennies to raise money for our local support group.

This is my own interpretation of the 'socks' theme...

Socks don’t have to be the same to be worn together... The idea of the day is to celebrate difference, promote inclusion and to have a bit of fun. Regardless of colour, pattern, material or size, socks are actually more alike than different. And the same goes for people too.

'Socks' also tie in very nicely with Ella's newly acquired walking skill (even though she is barefoot in the pics!)...

Here is our poster for the day:
I would also like to ask that if you do take part, if you wouldn't mind taking a picture of you/ just your feet wearing the odd socks and sharing them with me. 

You can email pictures to with the subject line 'odd socks' or post them to our page on Facebook.  

I want to make a World Down's Syndrome Day montage/collage of people and their odd socks so by sending me your pic you are allowing me to use it for the purposes of the blog - thank you in advance!

So, Keep Calm & Get Your Odd Socks On!!

For more information you can visit the official World Down's Syndrome day web page:


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