Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Miss Polly

Baby girl loves her dolls and she would play with them all day if I let her.  And not just at home... We have major meltdown every week at playgroup when we have to put the dolls away at tidy up time.  

I love watching her in her imaginative world of play... she already has all those motherly, nurturing instincts and more than that she knows exactly what to do with them... She tries to feed her dolls, undresses and tries to redress them, wraps them in blankets.  She puts them to sleep on the floor with a pat, an 'aaaah', a wave and 'ni-ni' (night night).

And to tie in with the baby theme, her favourite nursery rhyme at the moment is 'Miss Polly had a dolly' - complete with actions...



I also keep finding her in the hall, having a chat on the phone.  She even says 'aye' (bye) before putting the phone down...

Still no nearer walking, but she is practising her standing up....

Lots of bottom wiggling as she gets her feet in position

She manages to stand for about 5 seconds

Happy Tuesday everyone xx

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