Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Oscars...

You may remember me mentioning that the blog had been nominated and short listed for a Blog North Award...  

We attended the (not quite the oscars!) awards ceremony at the Deaf Institute last night and were very pleasantly surprised when it was announced that 'A Different View' was runner up in the 'best personal blog' category. 

Thank you to everyone who reads the blog and for your support with the public voting for the awards.  The category was a tough one and I am chuffed to bits that I made it so far.  

You can find all the results and links to the winning blogs on the Blog North Awards website.

I am off for a(nother) celebratory glass of wine! xx 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Miss Polly

Baby girl loves her dolls and she would play with them all day if I let her.  And not just at home... We have major meltdown every week at playgroup when we have to put the dolls away at tidy up time.  

I love watching her in her imaginative world of play... she already has all those motherly, nurturing instincts and more than that she knows exactly what to do with them... She tries to feed her dolls, undresses and tries to redress them, wraps them in blankets.  She puts them to sleep on the floor with a pat, an 'aaaah', a wave and 'ni-ni' (night night).

And to tie in with the baby theme, her favourite nursery rhyme at the moment is 'Miss Polly had a dolly' - complete with actions...



I also keep finding her in the hall, having a chat on the phone.  She even says 'aye' (bye) before putting the phone down...

Still no nearer walking, but she is practising her standing up....

Lots of bottom wiggling as she gets her feet in position

She manages to stand for about 5 seconds

Happy Tuesday everyone xx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

All in a weeks work

I am incredibly lucky to be able to work part time.  I work a mix of shifts - earlies, lates and nights - including weekends.  There is, however some certainty in my ever changing rota and the chaos that is ward work. Due to the days Ella is in nursery I always have Mondays and Tuesdays as days off.  

I say 'days off' - they are generally my busiest days with play dates, grocery shopping, seeing friends, appointments, play groups, running errands.  You get the idea!

My days with Ella are a special part of the week for me.  I realise that she is growing up very quickly and the time I get to spend with her is precious.  Just the two of us. Tuesday evening comes around all too quickly and like any other working mum, I can't help wishing that I could have more time with her.  

She's getting more independent and mischievous by the week...

For now, I am looking forward to lots of autumn fun with her - carving her first pumpkin,  celebrating her 2nd birthday and the magic of Christmas.  Eagerly awaiting cold mornings, fall colours, winter knits, comfort food, fireworks and festive recipes.

Happy weekend everyone xx

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