Friday, 13 July 2012

Little Chatterbox!

Ella has really turned into a little chatterbox, she's always chatting away.  I was thinking yesterday how well she has begun to communicate.  She attempts a lot of words, has words she says consistently but I don't know what she means and there are words that I have heard her say once or twice but are not yet consistent.  And on top of her words there are her signs too.  

I decided to write down all of Ella's signs, words and emerging words to see where she was up to.

So today, I unleashed my inner primary school teacher and transformed the glass double doors in our living room into a display of Ella's words and signs.  The words can be moved around as she progresses and new words can be added very easily....

I have also downloaded the DownsEd See & Learn resources so we can start using the  activities and flashcards to gain better insight into what Ella understands.  

For those of you also with young children with DS the DownsEd resources are currently free and you can download them here. I have heard on the grapevine that they will soon be charging for them but you can download and save the resources for a later date.  

Now, I can't have a post without Ella making an appearance, so here she is on her trampoline in the garden yesterday:

Happy weekend everyone xx

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