Saturday, 12 May 2012

One year on...

(Just a warning. This post contains some post-operative pictures of Ella).

A year ago today we handed over our precious baby girl to the heart surgeons at Alder Hey.

We found out about her heart defect when she was a day old and I have to say it hit me much harder than the Down's Syndrome diagnosis did.  I suddenly felt incredibly guilty that we hadn't known anything prenatally.

If we had known before Ella was born about the Down's Syndrome, the midwife and doctors would have been aware that a heart defect could be present. Or, we could have found out if there was a problem with her heart prenatally.  I feel lucky that her heart problem was picked up early and that the defect she had was not life threatening in those first few minutes, hours or days after her birth. It could have been so different.

It was the heart defect that contributed to Ella's poor feeding and failure to gain weight.  This led to her needing a nasogastric tube for feeding (and later her gastrostomy). 

The experience of her surgery is still something I find hard to put into words and remembering the week she was in hospital is still upsetting for me.  To sum it up in one sentence it seems that, as parents our hearts have to be broken in order to get our babies hearts mended. 

So, the following is taken from the Ella's story page which is the best I can do for now...

"On May 12th 2011 at Alder Hey Hospital, Ella underwent open heart surgery to repair her VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect - hole between the wall of the ventricles). Her op had been cancelled twice before, so it was third time lucky.  

I don't think I can explain how I felt, it's not something that is easily put into words. For the most part, survival mode kicked in and I pretty much ran on autopilot for the week she was in hospital.  

Even being a nurse and working in a clincial environment, nothing prepares you for seeing your own child, so small and vulnerable,ventilated and hooked up to noisy machines.  I remember wanting to run away but knowing I could never do that to her.

could manage about ten minutes at a time sitting and watching her.  I knew she needed time to get better, but waiting was the hardest thing to do.  I just wanted to scoop her up and cuddle her but I couldn't even do that.  She was on ITU for two days (instead of just one) after a minor hitch that set her back 24hrs.  Considering she had  just had major surgery, she came through it very well.  

After her 2 days on ITU she was transferred to the ward and was discharged on day 6 post surgery.  She has a 3-4 inch scar down her chest and a residual tricuspid valve leak which is being monitored.  She has more energy now and has most definitely recovered much quicker than her mummy and daddy!"

We last went for a heart scan just before Christmas.  We are told her heart is healing well post surgery and we go back again in August.  Hopefully, she will never need any more treatment or surgery but it will always be a worry that will forever stay at the back of my mind. That's what being a mum is about!

As this is also international nurses day, it would seem appropriate to add in a big 'thank you' to the nurses at Alder Hey who looked after Ella and us so well.  They made the ITU experience a lot less stressful for us (bearing in mind we knew more than most parents due to our medical backgrounds) and we always knew Ella was in safe hands.  They do a wonderful job looking after very sick and vulnerable children, it's a job I know I could never do.  Thank you.

To my gorgeous, happy, healthy, bright little Ella...Here's to celebrating many more 'heart days' xx

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