Monday, 7 May 2012

Moving on

Empty drawers, packed boxes, charity shop piles.  Moving house isn't just a case of packing everything and taking it with you, it's a time to de-clutter, organise and sort.  Just wish there was a Mary Poppins way to go about it!...

Sorting through our (many and not always purposeful) possessions has not just been a practical and actual task.  It has allowed me the chance to reconnect objects, pictures and sentimental items with the memories, people and emotions that are attached to them.  The items that surround me everyday but that I no longer 'see'.  

I had forgotten that I started a memory box for Ella - scan pictures, hospital bands, new baby cards. I added a few new things to it - feeding cups, a feeding tube and first birthday cards.  I re-read all the cards, unfolded and re-folded the littlest Hungry Caterpillar sleepsuit and remembered her all tiny in her cot on special care at the beginning of our uncertain journey.  It was hard looking back but feel very proud of what Ella and we have achieved over the last 18 months....

Ella is, for now oblivious to the move.  The addition of packed boxes to the living room has caused some interest but we will wait and see how the actual move will impact on her.  I am sure she will be fine.  

She's still loving her books, now signs 'phone', 'star' (once or twice accompanied by 'tar'!), bath and more and she tries to do book (which looks a lot like more...).  Still not worked out what her other, consistent signs mean.  Oh and she's started shaking her head for 'no'!  Loves having people around and playing with her ball...

Happy Monday everyone.  I am off to fill some more boxes...xx


  1. Hi there. I am not very computer literate and happened to find your article above. I just wanted to say what a beautiful daughter you have! I enjoyed reading all about her and hope your move goes well. I have a son with DS who is now 22yrs old and I am so proud of him. Aren't we just so blessed. Dina Woolmer.

    1. Hi Dina, thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. Others have had problems posting comments so your computer skills are better than you think!


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