Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Every couple of years a small village in South Wales where my grandparents live doubles in population as our whole family descend for the weekend.  We travel from all over the country to spend the weekend together.  For the last 12 years we have been staying in the local big house on the hill - Treowen - and it's become a family tradition that we all look forward to.  


There are a lot of us these days... my grandparents, my mum and her three sisters, 10 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren plus our other halves. We are almost beginning to outgrow the house that holds very special and fond memories for us all.  At the last family get together I was heavily pregnant and had Ella two weeks later.  She was introduced to all the family she had not met yet and enjoyed having everyone around. 

Below are some of the photo's ....mostly taken by my brother Tom as my camera died :-(... (Thanks for letting me use it too xx).  I will update this post as I acquire more pictures of everyone from the weekend....

G & G

Granny & Hannah

Aunty Vicki x

There was an Easter chick hunt....the 30 or so unique chicks were knitted by my mum and each held a creme egg.  They were all given names by my cousin Issi as they were hidden...

She's a real daddy's girl at the moment

My brothers...The big kids

The finished article

Ella still loves her books

We always have a pinata - this years, a crocodile. Don't forget to scream!...

Henry & his girlfriend Issi

Ella & Grandpa Chris

Off to be made into chicken nuggets...
Tom, Vicki, Issi & Joe


Tom, Ella & Henry

All the great-grandchildren - Edward, Arthur, Isaac, Elliott & Ella


Although we continue to grow in size we hope we can keep returning to Treowen for many years to come. The newest member of the family is due to make an appearance in the next few weeks... Good luck to Rachel & Tom!

Happy belated Easter everyone xx

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  1. What fab photos, love the one of the great-grandchildren. Lovely to see you and looking forward to the next already, where I'm afraid as you mention there will be even more of us! x


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