Thursday, 13 October 2011

October so far...

So we are now in our second week of work and nursery.  Ella has settled in well and does all sorts of exciting things that I would never dream of doing with her at home.  She's painted, got wet, messy and done lots of playing.  She's eating and drinking well with them too and they have got used to cup feeding her and using her peg for her medications.  As for me, work is good and nothing much has changed. 

So here's what we have been up to over the last week or two....

The unseasonally warm weather meant we got one more weekend out in the sunshine.  We spent the first Saturday morning of October at the farmers market at cedar farm sampling the food, buying bread, cheese and pies for lunch.  We also paid another visit to the animals.

Whilst Ella played on the grass, we ate lunch out in the garden under my mums oak tree.  The weather hadn't confused the tree, it was warm and there was also a spritely wind... the falling autumnal leaves were a reminder that it was actually October.  It wasn't much fun being pelted by acorns though...

Once the weather had returned to normal, we spent a contrasting cold and drizzly Saturday with both Grannies.  The only thing for it was a good pub lunch followed by the unwrapping of a gift given to me by a friend from work. 

And, in true baby style, Ella loved the packaging more than the gift itself, a nappy cake...  Extremely practical gift, muslins, nappies and bibs, all adorned with ribbon and pretty hair clips.

Our new baby carrier arrived this week, we took it for a trial run on Sunday morning.  The weather was slightly better, sunny spells and no rain so we took the opportunity to have a quick walk before I went to work. 

We joined the other families, cyclists, joggers and dog walkers and did one lap of the lake at Chorlton Water Park.

She loved her new mode of transport

It's obviously very comfy....


The only thing  I am finding with having limited days off is that our days get filled up quite easily with social events, appointments and visits.  Days off can be as busy and tiring as days at work.  We had our tesco shop delivered (which helps), started christmas shopping (!), visited friends and had a joint visit from the physio and play specialist this week. Ella is doing well and we are continuing to work on the areas she still needs to develop.  We can incorporate things such as practising her pincer grasp and teaching her about object permenance into her everyday activities such as feeding and play. 

So I will leave you with some pictures of my girl at play.  One thing she loves at the moment is mirrors and her reflection.  She lunges forward to 'kiss the baby'..... 

I'm off to bed!


  1. A lovely post! Ella is really rockin' the animal print! :D I'm glad you're enjoying being back at work, Seth was telling me Ella is in the nursery there, it sounds lovely.
    Yuna loves mirrors too at the moment, always kissing herself! Great photos as always :) x

  2. Thanks for the comment, Amrick, only just seen it! Hope you're all well xx


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