Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ella & Friends

This weekend we have installed Ella's forward facing car seat in the car and she loves it.  Will miss being able to transfer her straight from the car to the buggy in her car seat, but it will mean the pushchair will get more use!

Saturday was a glorious day.  The air was cool, definitely autumnal now and the sun sat lower in the clear blue sky. 

In the morning we had a visit from baby Katie.  Katie is the granddaughter of my mum's school friend Gill.  Her son Joe lives in Didsbury too (small world!) so mum and Gill (who were spending the day babysitting) walked over with her so we could meet her. 

Gorgeous girl!

All too soon, it was dinnertime and I had to leave for work.  Ella was spending the afternoon with Ian's mum visiting her Uncle Kim who is at University in Buxton.

On Sunday, we went to visit our friends Emma and Rob who have baby Henry.  We were put in touch with them when Ella was born by the South Manchester Down's Syndrome Support Group.  Emma and I met up regularly in those early months but it's got harder recently as we are both back at work.  We are lucky we have got to know such a lovely family, Ella & Henry will be friends for a long time to come.

Henry was 1 a few weeks ago so we went to take him his present and have a catch up.  Ella & Henry are still at an age where they are changing all the time so you notice a lot of differences in them in just a short time.  It was lovely to see Henry waving and clapping and standing so well.....

Handsome Boy!

Ella playing with items from Henry's sensory play basket

We will see them all again next week at the monthly South Manchester DS group meeting/playgroup, along with baby Rosie (doing well after her heart op - put on 10oz last week!), baby Daniel and baby Sam. 

Our friends Natalie & Jack visited us this afternoon, it was lovely to see them and have a catch up.  We will hopefully see Natalie for another trip to the cake shop soon....!

We have another busy week ahead; more visits to friends, a quiz at work, study days and something exciting which I will tell you about later in the week!

Happy Sunday everyone xx

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