Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ella the elephant

When my cousin, who designed the Ella-phant T-shirt said she wanted to donate £1 from each T sold to a charity of our choice, for us there was only one option.

When Ella was in hospital having her heart operation, we were there for eight long days.  Away from home in a strange place going through a very stressful experience.

Alder Hey is a specialist children's hospital based in Liverpool.  It takes referrals from all over the North of England and is the North West regional centre for cardiac surgery - which is why we were there.  This means that people travel a long way to access the specialist care the hospital has to offer.

Ronald Macdonald house (affectionately known as 'Mac house' around the hospital) was our salvation.  It offers accommodation to parents and families who's babies, children and teenagers are patients.  It is run by the Ronald Macdonald House Charity and they rely upon charitable donations to keep the accommodation clean, staffed, heated, lit and to cover the ever growing daily running costs.   

The message above the entrance aptly reads 'A Home From Home'.  Their aim is to ease some of the stress parents are experiencing and provide a safe, comfortable place to just be.  We had our own room with bathroom, access to a fully equipped kitchen with our own fridge, freezer and cupboard space. 

We met parents like us, who were using the facilities for the first (and hopefully the last!) time.  There were those who were having another short stay in the house, but for some whose children are long-term patients, the house really has become their home.  There is one little boy and his family who I still think of very often and I know they need Mac house to keep going.

So, if you buy your own, personalised 'Ella the Elephant T shirt' you will be helping this amazing place continue to provide a home for parents and families for a long time to come.

Personalised Ella The Elephant T-Shirt

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For more information about RMHC please visit their website for more information.
Thank you

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