Saturday, 3 September 2011

The next step...

Just a quick post - I willl write for as long as Ella is asleep for her morning nap.

I'm on a countdown to starting work and although I am looking forward to going back, the logistics of how it's all going to work is bothering me somewhat.  Early mornings and having to get out of the house by a certain time is filling me with dread.  Yet, I know I am no different to any other mother and after we have been doing it for a few weeks I will (hopefully) wonder what I was fussing about.

Ella will be going to nursery. A whole new world for our little bean. I know she will love it, be well looked after and being around other children will be more than good for her. 

We had the pre-nursery meeting this week which was great, met her keyworker, manager and then our play specialist, speech therapist and physio all attended as well.  They will be going into nursery to see Ella and to support the staff in providing for her the little extra things that she will need.  I think it's a brilliant set-up and means that Ella continues to see the people she is familiar with and they can continue to build their relationships with her. 

We chose the nursery before she was born, it's at my work, has a lovely atmosphere, staff who have been there for years and I saw no reason to send her elsewhere because she needs a little extra input compared to her peers.  Luckily, the nursery have the same view and seem really motivated in getting Ella's care right before she even starts.  They are a little unsure of her peg (feeding tube) but once they have been shown how to use it, I am sure all will be well.

We have a few weeks until the day arrives and have some good things to look forward to in the meantime.  Centre parcs next weekend, lots of catch-ups with friends and a trip down South to a conference put on by DSA for babies and young children with Down's Syndrome.

That's all for now.....she's awake!

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