Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday in South Manchester

So, Sunday.  The end of another busy week, or the start of a new one depending on your views.  It is also a day of rest....for some.  Unfortunately, to a small baby, Sunday is just the same as any other day.  And with Ian on nights, there was no lie-in for me.

The best days are those where there are no plans.  No work, no appointments, no visitors.  No need to tidy the toys off the carpet, think about what to wear, make the bed or worry about getting out of the house on time. 

Today is a rare, empty square on my calendar - like life is holding it's breath.  A quick text to some friends turns up no takers for coffee or a walk.... their calendars dictate charity cricket matches, family visits and holidays. 

So, we head off to Lyme Park for the afternoon and take a stroll through the woodlands, letting Ella wonder at the trees and explore the world around her.  She's not entirely impressed, having cut her first tooth yesterday and with a second not too far behind.  Her grouchiness is, however, interspersed with moments of rapture as she smiles at her daddy in a way only a baby girl can.

There is a huge emphasis on sensory learning for babies.  Especially those with additional needs.  So, wherever we go, we encourage Ella to see, hear and touch the world around her as much as possible (as for taste, everything ends up in her mouth at the moment!).  The woodland was an easy choice, Ella loves trees. There is a huge horse chesnut tree at the end of our road. It's trunk sits in the corner of the school playground with the huge branches creating a complete 360 degree canopy. We stop underneath it everytime we pass and it never fails to light up her face and make her eyes twinkle. I will be sad when autumn comes and the leaves begin to fall.

The only thing with lazy days, especially Sundays is that they are over all too quickly.  Ella was soon tucked up in bed and Ian was leaving for work.  As for me, I am going to enjoy my blank square for a few hours longer, before life exhales and Monday morning brings in a new week.......
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