Thursday, 25 August 2011

High days and holidays.....

Around the corner from our house there is a ‘cupcake boutique’ (far too close to be healthy!). And it is every bit as lovely and decadent as it sounds. The shop itself is away from the main high street and ideally placed for quiet tea and cake, or school children passing on their way home.

The beautiful and brightly iced cakes could almost be overlooked as the retro and vintage decor is what first grabs your attention and makes you feel as though you’re stepping back to another time. It’s become a favourite place to meet friends or to go and choose some cakes to take if we are going visiting.

So, I found myself once again stood in front of the neat rows of cakes, all with befitting fairytale names such as ‘Hansel’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Mother Goose’ or (my favourite) ‘Prince Charming’. I came away with a box of treats to take to my heavily pregnant friend with the semi-idea that a sugar rush could help induce labour! (It didn’t work, but I thought it was worth a try).

You can check out the Airy Fairy website following the link below. Be careful though, you might find yourself booking a cake decorating class or ordering a fairy godmother!:

With the weather being glorious (and the need to work off all the cake calories....) we decided to head out for a walk. I am now very aware of my time on maternity leave quickly coming to an end, so am conscious of making the most of days when Ian is off, the weather is good and we can do things as a family. We spent a lovely afternoon walking along the Dovedale River between Ilam & Milldale in the Peak District.

Only recently has Ella been able to go forward facing in the baby carrier due to her poor head control (which has improved a lot very recently). She did well, but we had to swap her to rear facing half way round as she did get tired.

She loved being able to see what was going on.....and to eat ice cream!

Talking of going back to work, I did do a random 'keep-in-touch' shift on Tuesday.   I arrived a little early so had a quick glance down the off-duty to see who I would be working with that afternoon. To my surprise I only recognised one name.  The other three girls are all new and have all started since I left last October.  We had a busy but steady afternoon (no dramas or problems, I wasn't ready for that yet!).  It was good to meet the new girls.  They are all, unfortunately, on temporary contracts and a vacancy for just one full-time post on the ward has come up so from what I understand they are all applying for it but only one of them will get the job.  It doesn't seem to be affecting the atmosphere, how hard they work or their working relationships which is testament to how good they all are.

Being back at work is strange, but in a good way.  I expected there to be a lot of changes and things to get used to, but other than new faces (patients and staff), everything seems very much the same. Being a nurse is much more than just a job, it is part of who you are and what makes up your identity and personality. 

When Ella was born, she was on special care for two weeks as we had problems establishing feeding. I found it a really difficult time being a nurse, who had  - more importantly - just become a mummy to a poorly baby.  The clinical environment was familiar and comforting (although to other parents I can appreciate it's a very daunting and frightening experience). The nurses did a lot of Ella's cares and Ian was cup feeding her while I expressed milk for her next feed.  I felt bereft and detached - neither a mum nor nurse. I didn't know what was expected of me and, at times, I didn't even feel like Ella was mine. 

Thankfully, this all changed once we were home and I was able to properly become a mum. By this time she was being bottle fed so I was now able to be involved at feeding times too.  It made me realise how much what I do for a living influences who I am and it's probably for this reason that I am (not so secretly) looking forward to going back to work.  Don't worry about Ella though, she will be off to nursery which will be great for her character and development. A daunting but exciting time....

Bring on the mayhem!

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  1. Great photos Amy! Love the cupcakes. Ella is so cute! Hopefully we will be able to come and visit soon. Lots of love, Rach xxx


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